On Board: Montreal to Istanbul with Turkish Airlines

Posted On June 4th, 2014 by Candice Pantin

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Formerly known as Constantinople, Istanbul should hold a special place in America’s heart; after all, without its luxurious spices and silks, our continent might never have been discovered. If you don’t understand the ninth grade history reference, then you’ll simply have to travel to Istanbul yourself to see why Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue (and hey, you should go even if you do remember the history lesson!). Luckily, yesterday, we were invited to attend the Turkish Airlines press conference where some very interesting news was revealed: you can now travel to Istanbul directly from Montreal. That means no more boring five-hour layovers and no more fears of missing your flight. Now three times a week, year-round, you’ll be able to see TK35 flying above your head on its way to Istanbul—either as a final destination or to any of the 257 international destinations served by the airline. Istanbul, and Turkey as a whole, has a whole lot to offer: beautiful mosques, ancient Roman relics, great food, soft leather (this alone should be enough to book a ticket!), as well as bustling and colourful markets. Not only this, but Istanbul is an up-and-coming fashion hub, and there is even a song about the ancient city. What more could a girl ask for?


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