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I Like I Wear Stacking Rings (3) I Like I Wear Stacking Rings (2) I Like I Wear Stacking Rings (4) I Like I Wear Stacking Rings (5) I Like I Wear Stacking Rings (1)

A friend of mine joked last week that if I was a super hero, my character would be saving the planet by shooting speeding light from my gleaming  multi rings. What a stylish feat! They’ve become such an intricate accessory in my signature style that I’m rarely spotted without them. I love how it completes an effortless jeans-and-kicks outfit by giving it that extra special shine. I’m often asked “where did you get them” and “do they really stay on”. Yes they can get lost in the abyss of your purse, but hey it’s a small price to pay in the name of fashion!
Though there’s no set way to wear them, here are some tips on stacking your rings and tings:

[1] Play with proportions. The fun part is to mix and match the sizes, stones, and even metals to create an interesting look.
[2] Wear more than one on a finger. Especially if you’re matching the knuckle style with a standard ring size.
[3] Consider your outfit. If you’re wearing a head-to-toe monochrome look, you can afford for your rings to be a bit more outlandish. And vice versa, if your top is a statement piece, compliment it by slipping on fewer rings.

All style are from ALDO.

#ILIKEIWEAR the look:


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