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Posted On May 13th, 2014 by Candice Pantin

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As most know, part of looking your best has plenty to do about feeling your best. No amount of liquid eyeliner, sky-high stilettos, or sassiest LBD could replace the real thing and that my friends I’m talking about the glow of a person which happiness comes from the inside and throughout. Here at I Like I Wear, clothing and style might be at the forefront but the underlining factor that I’ve discovered for sustainable wellness, and let’s be honest it is the first step to achieving wondrous personal style, is when one’s Being is well nourished with a clean diet, a physic that’s toned, and a spirit that’s lifted. Over the past couple of months, I’ve been incorporating these practices into my daily routine and I’ve found that yoga and meditation is perfect for maintaining a good work-life balance. Throughtout this journey I’ve taken up a guide to opening up the chakras which is taught by a very lovely yogini Audrey Béliveau founder of Rayon De Yoga. Chakras you say? Yep and I can already see all the eye rolls and that’s-just-not-for-me comments lining up. Fear not peeps! In this day and age of constant 24-7 communication and multi-tasking living, the need for finding moments of reflection is increasingly mandatory. Like seriously, a stressful self is so not in style! Audrey’s class Chakra en douze temps will help you to rule out the chaos and welcome in the zen. The class is taught to a small group in her cozy studio through a 12-week period where it’s part theory and part practice. Bonus, you can get joyful kisses from her adorable puggle Nugget!

Are you curious? I’ve asked Audrey to share the benefits of tapping into our chakras which could lead to living our best life. Further, for the next month, she’ll be part of series talking everything yoga and all that goodness.

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Here are (7) reasons to open up your (7) chakras which will help you shine bright like the diamond that you are!

(1) Muladhara, or root chakra, is about support, security and your physical survival. Taking good care of your body is imperative and is the entryway to unleashing your most spectacular and beautiful self. Your body is the wonderful vehicule that your soul chose for this life’s incarnation. Know that from an earthy and grounded space, you can start liberating your true Self for ultimate well-being.

(2) Svadhisthana (sacral chakra) is all about the voluptuous flow of life and its undeniable pleasures. Be fully in your body and feel all of its glorious emotions, sensations and movement. Opening this chakra enables you to own your sexuality and relationships and be kind to yourself and others.

(3) When Manipura is open, you radiate! Your solar plexus allows you to confidentally shine your most beautiful energy inside out. It’s a very transformative power that will inspire.

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(4) Opening Anahata (heart chakra) is connecting to powerful self-love as well as universal love. It enables all other to diffuse as brightly and magnificiantly. All is possible from the space of the heart.

(5) Visuddhi, domain of communication and creation located in the throat, means express yourself: be fearless and bold, stand where you are and own your tastes. Show the world through your gorgeous presence who you are and what you’re about.

(6) Ajna, commonly refereed to as the third eye, is associated with clarity and intuition, and when unleashed you learn to trust your perceptions in order to command your life. Nothing more empowering to move through life from a place of trust and knowledge in your inner mission.

(7) Sahasrara is located at the crown of your head, the ultimate lotus! When you align yourself with the subtle energy of all your chakras, thoughts become consciousness and you just know. Trust the process, link yourself with the Universe around you and merge with the infitine. You shall glow brightly from this space. Emanate!

The goodies with Audrey continue next week!

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