Let’s #GoForGlow

Posted On July 18th, 2017 by Candice Pantin

When 2017 rang, I meditated on how my next 365 days would feel like.

The underlying theme was to be more rooted in self nurturing, love and compassion through actions based on warmth, vibrancy, and bliss. To be more authentic to myself.

Embracing our authentic self is recognizing our own magic, it is practicing self love. This magic is my driving force, it is where I choose to focus my lens (love). I want to emit and be a source of positivity to others, through my Being and my photographic work.

As a photographer, I aspire to tap into others’ sense of sharing light from within throughout. The essence of my portraiture lies in the space between my subject’s thoughts. It is within this very space that I seek to capture their innate glow. 

// Consider this a soft reintroduction //

Hello, My name is Candice Pantin and I am a Glowagrapher,  I photograph your authentic self,  your magic. I am here to capture your innate glow.  

You’ve got the magic, I’ve got the lens, so let’s Go for Glow. For your portraits, maternity, engagement shoots to editorials needs, contact : noelly@unfoldenmedia.com.

Enjoy the visuals. #IssaGlowTing

Models, thank you for letting the glow shine bright.
Aida, Ginika, Chi, Sasha 
Maquillage achieved with NYX Cosics Metals Lip Cream

(Shot with Canon 7D Mark II with a 24mm 2.8 lens.)
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