Posted On February 3rd, 2017 by Candice Pantin

Conversations With My Selves is a visual narration on self awareness. To know where you’re going you must reflect on who you were. This knowledge can lead to a kinder, more patient, empathetic disposition towards one’s past in the hopes to influence one’s future.

Here are Ghazal’s conversations.

To my younger self…

1- Have wholehearted faith in EVERYTHING that you do, believe it will work.

2- Listen to your mother.

3- Chose your friends and lover wisely, they’re too many people with bad intentions.

4- God, karma, universe, whatever you believe in, will take care of it, let it go.

5- Love yourself or nobody will.

To my older self…

1- Take good care of your loved ones.

2- Don’t lose your young spirit despite your age.

3- Trying new things is always a good idea.

4- Take care of your body and soul.

5- Surround yourself with nothing but love.


Ghazal is wearing Frank & Oak ; Bleecker; VansNYX Cosmetics Metals lip cream on eyes; NYX Cosmetics Sweet Cheeks blush, Essence Cosmetics nail polishes.

Photography by Candice Pantin

Illustration by Ghazal Sam

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