Want: Metallic High Heel Mules

Posted On April 8th, 2014 by Candice Pantin

Metallic-Mules Metallic-Mules1

Don’t you just love how fashion is so cyclical! Something to keep in mind when the next sudden urge to dispense of last-season’s, but yet costly item, comes to mind!
The mule has had it’s strong style moments in the 70s sporting a thick wooden heel and favoured by the hippy crowd. In the 90s, the look was simplistic usually designed in black with a slight wedge. This season, it’s as slick as it gets with this Zara style in shiny leather with a worn-in back. Not only is the shade a sure spring statement, but also the silhouette compliments all the midi/maxi pleated skirts we’ve been seeing on every street-style post. Not too sure on the comfort level, but honestly, talking shoes here, when has a little fashion pain ever stopped us!

Zara leather mules.

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