Visuals: Atelier New Regime + 10 Spots to visit in Saint-Henri

Posted On June 3rd, 2016 by Candice Pantin

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Saint-Henri is a vibrant ‘hood burgeoning with cool peeps doing cool sh*t.
If I was playing city guide, I would tell you to visit #1 Joys Of Living for delicious fresh pressed juices;
#2  Buck 15 Espresso for the most delicious avo toast; #3 Marché La Pantry for their artisanal grocery store and the best paczki in town (polished-style doughnuts); #4 Sumac Middle Eastern food with a good portion of vegetarian meals; #5 Adamo New York style pizza place; #6 Allo Vélo Boutique a cool bike specialist store meets coffee shop; #7 Totem Tea & Spice organic refined teas and olive oil selection; #8 Loïc a unique wine bar that also boast a concert venue; #9 Tuck Shop a fine dining restaurant that has one of the most beautiful marble counter tops;  #10 The Atelier New Regime conceptual urbanwear boutique.

The latter has been open since late March but I finally took the time to pop in this week. If you’re like me and into stark minimalist spaces, you’ll definitely dig their flagship store. With only one item of each style on display, it’s more art gallery than your average retail shop and that’s very refreshing.

Thank you Setiz for letting me take your portrait. Hopefully on my next visit I’ll be able to shoot the rest of the ANR heads.

Atelier New Regime 
4632 Notre-Dame St W, Montreal

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