3 Brands to get some new new denim

Posted On October 27th, 2014 by Candice Pantin

What’s not to love about denim! Whether you fancy bleached, ripped, distressed, skinny, or oversized, the look is extremely versatile that can be worn all year round and with everything in your closet. The fashion world  is clearly obsess and we’ve put together a few more reasons for you to fall for the blues.
That’s Totally Fine, Superfluous Culture, and 69 are three brands which designs are quite jeans-isly cool!



Recently presented during L.A. Fashion Week, up-and-coming designer Rosa La Grua has a penchant for the playful and the quirky. Though That’s Totally Fine might appear to be verging on an 80s vintage vibe, the silhouettes are definitely fashion forward- just look at those overtly oversized overalls!  Besides denim, the collection also features garments designed in linen, flannel, and organza. Thus far, it appears you can only get your hands on the cool garb by visiting their website and that, is totally fine!

THE SUPERFLUOUS CULTURE thesuperfluousculture thesuperfluousculture-(1)

Montreal based, Superfluous Culture crafts a sustainable line for a cult-following of the conscious consumer. Designed by Creative Director Adam Taubert, the brand prides itself on producing 100% in La belle province. The denim offering for this season ranges of reversible toppers, 3/4 turtlenecks, Mandarin chemises, S.W.A.T. pants, and a lab coat. You’ll also find pieces designed in hemp, linen, and bamboo. And to go with your eco-friendly disposition, check out their handmade denim flower pots! Visit their website to order online.

69sixty-nine-(3) sixty-nine-(1) sixty-nine-(2)

Just like the provocative name, 69‘s position is anything but orthodox starting with the anonymity of the designer. Is it a she or a he, black, white, straight? Who knows and quite frankly that knowledge is quite frivolous. What’s really pertinent about this unisex clothing line hailing from the City of Angels, is that they use sustainable practices to manufacture  their androgynous and non-size specific collection. The loose silhouettes of cocoon dresses, overalls, and tunics appeal to our love for errthing oversized! You can purchase the line on their website or select boutiques like Opening Ceremony and Assembly New York.

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