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Posted On October 6th, 2014 by Candice Pantin

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Our issue with the cooler temps has always been our quest to look stylish without looking foolish in an attempt to stay warm. Luckily we can have both thanks to the Long Coat which is not only the latest trend (though we’ve been spotting it on several Euro street style blogs) but it also should be a staple in every closet as it’s the perfect design of fashion and function.

Like The Look? Here’s How To Style The Trend

#1 Prolong your transitional style when wearing shorts or a mini dress. The play on proportions will create a lot of interest to your outfit.

#2 It’s versatile as it can take your look to a new haute or tone down a fussy style- think wearing it with runners and high heels.

#3 If you’re into color blocking, clad your coat with a topper and a bottom in complimentary shades.

#4 Go baggy baby! Regardless that the jacket is oversized, pairing it with a looser outfit will make a style statement.

#5 Want a more feminine fashion? Belt the coat to emphasize your waist- it’s a cinch!

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