The Look: Layered and belted with JJ Louis Scarf

Posted On December 10th, 2014 by Candice Pantin

JJLouis Creations  (19)

It’s pretty much winter wonderland in the 514 and though it’s quite picturest, we still long for wearing some of our summer staples like these high-waisted culottes. So why not then, as long as they’re paired with warmer basics. Layering is not only on-trend but quite functional to get the most out of your pieces all year long. A good layering look  can be achieved with an oversized scarf like this one we received by JJ Louis. This The Lake Texcoco style is long enough to wrap, bundle, or even left long draped around your neck. And because we love to provide unique ways to wear old favourites, we decided to belt it which is a cinch for fresh fashion. Not only is it a cool styling trick to keep your scarf from blowing in the cold-weather wind but it also defines your waist to a flattering silhouette. Yes, thank you!

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Scarf: JJ Louis Lake Texacoco, $58; Earring, Cropped Jumper, and Culottes: H&M; Purse: Jerome Bocchio; Heels: ALDO

Photographer: Carlo Tapia 
Editor: Candice Pantin

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